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Words from Clients

I feel like I now own the words I am saying. Melissa also taught me to slow down. Wow, the impact in my life. I feel more relaxed, I watch people listening to me! I used to be afraid that if I didn’t speak faster, people wouldn’t listen, which I now realize is untrue. I am so grateful to Melissa for her knowledgeable support and guidance!  Life-changing sessions, truly.

Damiana C. 
Acupuncturist, Sleep Expert And Author

 “Melissa is such a powerful coach. Her insights and intuition are spot on. She allows you to see parts of your life that you never would have noticed or addressed by yourself.”

Patricia F.
PCF Consulting 

“Melissa is amazing. Without her assistance over the years, I would not be where I am in my personal and professional life. Melissa takes the time to find the best strategies to help out with the issues at hand while being supportive. I have worked with others before her and the value wasn’t there. She truly is the best!”

New Dad and IT Executive

I now discover, notice and embrace the new and different. I don’t belabor what is missing. I didn’t do that before working with Melissa.”

Holly P. 

As a result of working with Melissa, I have a sense of peace and calm, a structured plan for my business, and best of all… a book! I had such resistance writing that I would chase my tail instead of just getting it done. Melissa is such a compassionate coach. She never made me feel inferior or like I was anything less than worthy of all I am. She was always quick to celebrate my wins, regardless of how small they were, and re-frame my negative self-talk as soon as the words left my mouth. Her thoughtfulness goes beyond the phone call and I really had a sense of a partnership throughout our time working together. As a coach myself, I am picky about who I work with and where I invest my money. If you are on the fence about hiring a coach to help you with your mindset, or basically, your whole life – get off of it right now and sign up. You will not regret it!

Candice Kingston
Leadership Coach & Author, Your Impostor Moment

Setting Boundaries And Clearer Communication

“Working with Melissa has been enlightening, supportive and extremely informative for me! In a gentle, compassionate way, Melissa offered practical suggestions, tips and techniques for how to handle both external situations and internal emotions and responses. I walked away from our session having these techniques ready to use in my back pocket, feeling confident that I now had some skills and knowledge to practice setting boundaries and take care of myself. Melissa helped me start to shift my mindset around patterns in my family and gave me actionable tools to start setting healthy boundaries in a loving way.”
Cheryl M. 

“What Melissa taught me about communicating with heart and to honestly engage in respectful communications has made a difference. It has helped me get my relationship back on track.  I also liked the strategy regarding “changing the channel” from being a victim to my own champion and healer. Thank you for taking the time to listen, for the strategies and to help me find these ways to reconnect.”

Michelle M.

Better decision-making and confidence

“I’m now able to relax more easily, make smarter and more intuitive decisions and in general, just be present.” ​

The first was just learning how to slow everything down and allowing my body and mind time to process things. I’ve always been a go, go, go person (still am in many ways), but when we first started working together, you had to constantly remind me to breathe, to take a moment to actually think about what you were asking me, to let things sink in before making decisions, and to stop and actually listen to what my body was telling me. That was huge and life changing for me. I am still working on those things, but you definitely remind me to do them a lot less. And I find myself much more comfortable with myself in uncomfortable places, able to relax more easily, making smarter and more intuitive decisions and in general, just being present. Had you told me a year ago that I’d be who I am today, I would have laughed and thought that you were crazy and yet, here I am and you played a big role in that.

Rayna M.

Improved mental and physical health

“I have so much more energy, a good attitude and best of all, I lost a few pounds!”

I am so glad I attended your lecture on Holistic Nutrition. It made a big impression on me. So much so that I changed what I eat. Only after 2 weeks, I have so much more energy, a good attitude and best of all, I lost a few pounds! The key to eliminating illness and staying healthy as you age is simple. Follow Melissa’s simple rules for eating right and exercising. The results are amazing!

Renee M.

“I went from despair to returning to my normal, happy, healthy self.”

Before working with Melissa, I felt my physical health challenges were irreversible and very daunting. I was in a hole of helplessness and despair thinking that this discomfort would follow me around my entire life. The exercises we worked on during our appointments and her continued support helped me see that I was on an upward path to healing and would eventually return to my normal, happy, healthy self.

Ali T. 

“I’m mentally stronger than ever before! I’ve discovered new passions of mine, new interests and new mentalities.”

I have never been able to connect to myself and discover myself the way Melissa lead me to do. I feel mentally stronger than I’ve ever  before. I have discovered new passions of mine, new interests and new mentalities and I never would have investigated the power of myself if it weren’t for Melissa. Melissa reassured me through exploration of the self.

Lauren B.

“I am thankful to know that Melissa has my back. I fully recommend her to coach anyone who wants her dedication and insights to assist them on a journey of positive change.”

She helped me to streamline my learning process by adapting strategies that work well for my interactive learning style. I furthered these techniques while I was in a grueling Physician Assistant program and did graduate. I still use these strategies now that I have a full time job that I love. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten this far without her continual support through email encouragement and personal coaching sessions. She has gone above and beyond and her expertise surpasses that of most coaches. I am so thankful to know that Melissa has my back through this process and I fully recommend her to coach anyone who wants her dedication and insights to assist them on a journey of positive change!!

Deborah L.
Physician’s Assistant

"She took me from real chaos to safety and sanity. I am just so grateful that I made the choice to invest in us working together."

I have known Mel for 20 years. She has always had a reputation as an outstanding professional, a loyal friend, and a committed and generous community member. It’s difficult to explain how unique Melissa is as a coach. She is able to mesh together her clinical background, wealth of knowledge and intuition. She has the ability to cut through so much information and emotion and quickly if not instantaneously get to the core issue. She’s able to bring together her strong evidence-based science practitioner training with progressive cutting edge information about human processing and the nervous system. I can say with confidence that there is no issue that’s too big or scary or outside of Melissa‘s wheelhouse. I implicitly trust her. She took me from real chaos to safety and sanity. She took me from reactivity to intentionality. I’m just so grateful that I made the choice to invest in us working together. 

Larisa W.

Increased self-esteem

“"My life will improved dramatically as did my self-confidence."

Once you see the need for being your own advocate, your life will improve dramatically as will your self-confidence. There are so many areas of life we would like to be successful and to achieve our dreams and goals but the path to get there is often veiled because we lack important life lessons and knowledge to live a more balanced life, which is one area where Melissa shines greatly.

Pam Q

“I feel better about myself.”

Melissa is the best. She goes above and beyond when she works with you. She understands how people truly feel and listens. I feel better about myself when I am with her.

Yemi K.

“I’m now better able to understand myself.”

My therapy with Melissa centered on mindfulness and awareness to help me deal with my challenges. I am now better able to understand myself and leverage the various tactics she taught me to cope and adapt in multiple situations. From the first day, I felt she just “got me.” She is fun, down to earth, and emphatic about making a difference. Her attention and compassion were exceptional. I could tell my well-being was her priority.

Mike B.

“Life-changing! She believed I would shine again and now I am!”

I love Melissa. Working with her has been life-changing. Melissa saw that I had a light despite the layers of sh*t hiding it. I follow her strategies that I call the “Holy Grail” or “The Things” and share them with others. She believed I would shine again and now using “the things” she taught me, I am. I am forever grateful. 

Jennifer P. 

“I now slow down to be more present in each moment.”

Melissa is very straightforward and connected with her clients. She identifies issues and directly responds to support and improve focus. I continue to build my awareness and now slow down to be more present in each moment. 

Steven P.

“I now know how to really breathe and be more mindful.”

I feel calmer and a lot better than I did before. When I fall into one of the unhelpful thought patterns Melissa and I identified, I can snap myself out of it. I now know how to really breathe and be more mindful. I have trained myself to not dwell on things that cause stress and I can let go to focus at work and with my family.  

 Brad E.


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