Speaking And Training
Optimize Employee Engagement, Performance And Wellbeing

Include a custom, transformative experience at your next company event:

Choose from: 

  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Keynotes
  • General & Breakout Sessions
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Retreats, Workshops & Seminars
  • Wellness Challenges

Possible topics include: 

  • Improving employee health, satisfaction and minimize burnout by supporting mind-body connection.
  • Creating community & collaboration to support teams and productivity.
  • Leading with clear, assertive communication strategies to foster connection.
  • Supporting the zone of resilience and wellbeing of medical practitioners, health care practitioners and caregivers.
  • Cultivating calm with resourced stress resilience in time of chaos.
  • Mindfulness, fundamentals of brain health and increasing focus.
  • Maximizing impact and efficiency with intentional goal-setting and time and energy management.
Melissa Wolak - high impact speaking and training

Clients are empowered with key leadership strategies including communication and collaboration tools. This allows training participants to truly cultivate cognitive resilience and flexibility, inviting them to thrive both personally and professionally. Clients report that this powerful work is integral to creating a loyal, productive team which safeguards the bottom line.

Melissa is a speaker, coach and licensed Speech-Language Cognitive Therapist with a Master of Science Degree. By incorporating over 25 years of experience and her education. Melissa has a unique perspective acknowledging multiple learning styles and incorporating stress management techniques in order to integrate sustainable change needed for success and wellbeing.

"Melissa was a delight to work with and an outstanding spotlight speaker for our online women’s collective. It is apparent that Melissa is a skilled coach, facilitator and truly embodies the teachings and techniques she shares. She was able to create shifts in all of us that were palatable. Articulate, brilliant, funny and an all around all-star speaker!"
Bree Luther
Founder and Owner of Inspired Science Coaching
"Melissa is a genius. She has so much to contribute & I enjoyed her so much, I hope she'll come back to speak. I love Melissa's approach to healing. She presents things in bite size pieces that if practiced, are not overwhelming at all. In fact, she makes it so easy to add recovery tools to our kit, that the empowerment encourages us to do more, in our own time. Game changers in doses we can all obtain!"
Kim Justus
Author and Host and program Director of Brain Injury Radio Network
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