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About Me
Therapeutic Coach, Mentor and Speech-Language Pathologist

How I Am inspired by My work

I absolutely love working with motivated individuals that are on their own path of self-discovery with creating more intention, finding their voice and wanting to take ownership of their mind-body and spiritual health. Rediscovering a sense of wholeness, worth, breathwork and mindfulness practices invite inner peace and freedom when making change that can feel uncomfortable and even scary. I have a unique, personal understanding and professional expertise regarding the healing journey, as well as, the importance of supporting a healthy brain, nervous system function and overcoming challenges that arise in real life.

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A brief list of my credentials

  • Over 25 years of experience in the healthcare, consulting and education fields
  • Consultant, coach, speaker and author ( NOURISH – Publishing 2024)
  • Trained and licensed Speech-Language Cognitive Therapist with a focus on additional training in cognition, communication, neurotrauma and holistic wellness.
  • Certified Trauma Professional (2023)
  • Mind-Body Medicine Training with the Center of Mind-Body Medicine (2021)
  • Advanced Mindfulness Practitioner Training (2020)
  • Food as Medicine Training Center of Mind-Body Medicine (2014)
  • Masters of Science in Communication Disorders (1997)
  • Bachelor of Education in Communication Science Disorders (1995)

My Personal Interests

I am passionate about finding simple, sustainable ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, living in a way that respects our planet and fully engaging in life while helping others do the same. I continue to support my own self-evolvement and learning through the Art of Living, Soul Discovery Program and additional pursuits. I spend my free time in nature hiking, skiing with my husband and daughter, and walking our dog, Sam, at sunrise. I find that movement replenishes my body and mind. I also enjoy dancing, jogging, restorative yoga, karaoke, reading, good chocolate, photography and spending time with my friends and family.

Learn what unconscious patterns and habits may be holding you back from moving forward.