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The Power of Intention

More and more I realize the power of our intentions. Allowing the space and time to ask for what we need and what we want will help us determine those intentions and then we can set ourselves up for specific action with realistic time frames and deadlines. The definition of intention is “A thing intended; to aim or plan.” Intention is the first step in making a change. It prepares you, your brain and your body for action. It sets you up for success with increased focus and probability of follow-through. Another benefit from setting intentions is that it increases your cognitive resilience and your ability to adapt as situations change. This is important because it increases our ability to handle stress in a healthy way and lessens the body’s negative physical reactions to stress which can lead to poor performance, depression and/or illness.

When you have an established foundational intention then you’re able to switch what you do to support it. For example, we may have the intention to feel more calm and grounded. This intention can be realized in a variety of ways. The options may include going to a yoga , Tai Chi, meditation class – you could do any of these items from home. You can read a book, drink a cup of tea or coffee go for a walk or hike. There are so many options. You may not be able to go to the yoga class because of a horrible snow storm or child being ill at home but you could do one of the other supporting actions. In transformational life coaching sessions, I have seen that intentions and determining how you want to be and how you want to feel are priorities. These intentions are the foundation in creating the life you truly want to live. The specific actions and goals are still important but secondary to your true intentions. I often set intentions in the mornings or before bed in order to maximize my focus and it makes a positive difference. Therefore, I created a free simple intention setting downloadable strategy sheet that you can access here. I have done this with clients and not only was it helpful but it was also empowering. A reminder that I frequently provide to my clients is that we don’t always get to choose what happens to us, but we do get to choose how we move forward, react and respond. Let’s maximize our power to consciously choose how we want to be and feel thoughout the day with intention.

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