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Speech-Language Cognitive Therapy

Healing from an injury or diagnosis that affects your brain and cognitive functioning can feel lonely and overwhelming. Having a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist and empowering advocate on your recovery journey is pivotal.

This Holistic Speech-Language Cognitive Therapy and Consulting practice provides guidance and strategies to transform life’s pivotal moments into opportunities for healing, reconnection, intentional living and renewal.

Treatment sessions address cognitive challenges caused by neurological injuries and illnesses including:
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Concussion
  • Cancer related cognitive challenges
  • Stroke
  • Attention Deficit and executive functioning disorders
  • Mild Cognitive Decline
  • Trauma related cognitive challenges
  • Autoimmune disorders 

With 25+ years of experience working in healthcare and educational settings, a functional approach is prioritized by developing customized compensatory strategies, foundations of brain health and cognitive retraining in the areas of:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Communication
  • Processing speed
  • Time and energy management
  • Task completion
  • Problem solving
  • Reading
  • Executive function skills. 

In order to maximize client’s recovery and integration, sessions also incorporate mindfulness, neuroscience, food as medicine, mind-body connection and sustainable healthy lifestyle practices to improve function at work, home and in relationships.

I provide holistic speech-language and cognitive treatment services in the Boulder area and virtually on Zoom or the phone. 

Please reach out by email, phone or text to discuss your current treatment needs and goals. I currently accept clients by referral only to Melissa Wolak, MS, CCC-SLP. 

Client's Experiences and Testimonials

“I have seen Melissa for treatment when I’ve needed “tune-ups”, or to develop new tools for my tool belt.  I know I can trust her to quickly evaluate where I am at the moment, collaborate on a plan, and begin working on that plan at exactly the pace that I can handle clinically.  I also trust her to give amazing direction, and then help me find my own way whenever possible.”

Courtney E.
(MTBI and Post- Concussive Syndrome)

“Thank you so, so much for the guidance, support and constant motivation along this journey. The lessons you have taught me will continue to be part of my life for the indefinite future.”

William H.
(MTBI and Post-Concussive Syndrome)

“Melissa is an immensely skilled practitioner who, at every visit, made sure I received nothing but the best care, in a holistic manner. While working with her, not only did my brain begin to recover, so did my spirit. I recovered the “can do” attitude that had been my trademark. Early on, I explained to Melissa what my therapeutic goal was and truth be told, I set the bar higher because I no longer thought I could reach my goal. She worked with me to help reach it and I did. Along the way, I learned much about myself and my potential as a human being. I once again have hope.”

Maria V.
(Post Stroke)

“Melissa helps me identify the source of the challenges I’m facing and works with me to develop a concrete plan to work through those challenges. This is exceedingly helpful because I tend to get caught into a negative feedback cycle of demanding too much of myself and then being unable to respond and maintain work towards my aspirational goals. She helps me get back on a path to growth that doesn’t overwhelm me. Her perspective is invaluable. With her help, I continue to heal and be able to attain my goals.”

Peter S.
(MTBI and Post-Concussive Syndrome)

Learn what unconscious patterns and habits may be holding you back from moving forward.