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NSPE-CO Dinner Event – September 28, 2017

Stress Management, Mindfulness and Optimizing Brain Function

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Holiday Inn Denver – Cherry Creek

Cost is $40 per person and students are welcome at a special student discounted rate of just $5 for the dinner and program. Sign up now to reserve your spot >>

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and too busy? Do you feel that you need more time in the day to get everything completed? Chronic overwhelm and stress take a significant toll on our cognitive, emotional and physical health. Over time, this stress on the body and brain can lead to decreased performance, disease and cognitive decline. Stress also affects our ability to enjoy life and make meaningful connections. This talk by Melissa Wolak, tranformational life coach and cognitive therapist will provide research-based recommendations to increase your presence, resiliency and your vitality now and in the future. RSVP here!

Feel more knowledgeable and empowered as you learn:
  • How your nervous system and your brain work together
  • The truth about stress and what chronic stress does to the brain
  • Simple techniques to decrease stress and calm the nervous system
  • The ABCs of mindfulness and how to implement these strategies
  • How mindfulness activities rewire the brain to handle and minimize the effects of stress and increase cognitive function, specifically attention and memory

Thursday, September 28, 2017
Happy hour from 6-7pm
Dinner begins at 7pm
Program begins at 7:30pm

Holiday Inn Denver – Cherry Creek
455 S. Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80246
Map It Here >>

Register through NSPE-CO Website Registration Page >>

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