Life Coaching

Melissa’s life coaching specializes in mindset, mindfulness and transformation by increasing a mind-body connection, supporting holistic health and making sustainable change based in her experience, education and the wealth of research on the topics below.

Areas addressed in Melissa’s empowering life coaching:

  • Resilience during life transitions and up-leveling
  • Management of stress and overwhelm that can result in anxiety
  • Communication and collaboration to support healthy relationships at home and work
  • Cultivation of a positive, growth and abundance mindset
  • Relaxation and Mindfulness to increase calm, presence and enjoyment
  • Maximization of neuro-plasticity to maintain vitality and brain function
  • Organization and time management strategy development
  • Identification and release of limiting thought patterns and habits
  • Nourishment of mind, body and spirit with establishing a holistic health foundation
  • Decision-making and problem solving strategies
  • Memory enhancement and education
  • Complete Presence, intuitively listening and reflection
  • Productivity Strategies
  • Supporting transition and life shifts

After working with clients for over 20 years,a unique coaching process has been created as far as transformational mindset and life coaching is concerned. The goal is to cultivate alignment, fulfillment and well-being with relationships, career and health.

This unique life coaching  philosophy incorporates six pillars:

  • Knowledge – Education and knowledge equal power. Knowing how you learn and process information and identifying your strengths and challenges when learning new information and making change are keys to receiving the most out of your life coaching experience.  
  • Trust – Establishing trust in yourself, your cognition, your relationships and also your intuition and “gut” instincts is impactful when making change and upleveling. Change is uncomfortable and a life coach can provide the support and accountability necessary to be successful with your goals. .
  • Connection – Creating a strong connection with self increases our knowledge of what we need in any given moment to feel present, calm, grounded and safe. This connection leads to more authentic and deeper connections with the world, our environment, nature and in personal relationships.
  • Function – Knowing how the mind and the brain truly work, how you learn best and how to make sustainable change by rewiring the brain, maximizing neuro-plasticity, changing habits and shifting toxic thought patterns is an essential aspect of working with Melissa. Her life coaching incorporates action items that scientifically are proven and work but also achievable, and practical for you to implement.
  • Respect – Valuing your time, energy, knowledge and skills is at the core of being responsible for your wellbeing and success as you move through the world. Without self-respect, we invite more doubt, fear and the need for external affirmation which can lead to feeling more sensitivity as you move through the world. Respect starts with each individual first and then is fostered with others and our environment.
  • Nourishment – Providing nourishment means that we listen, respect and give our body, brain and soul what it needs to flourish and thrive. When feeling noursished and energized, a foundation of confidence and energy allows us to be open to change and taking scary leaps forward that will lead to upleveling goals, moving out of our comfort zone and cultivating fulfillment.

As a life coach, Melissa guide’s motivated individuals to transform their lives by changing their thoughts, lifestyles, habits and brain health. When focusing on your mindset and holistic transformation, she provides education and empowering strategies to support functional, healthy lifestyle changes, productivity and wellbeing. The goal is to live in more alignment and vitality while decreasing the effects of chronic stress and optimizing the brain’s potential (meanwhile preventing cognitive decline and disease).

The Main Goal

The goal is to determine what will be best for you as you embark on a life coaching experience and create an individualized action plan. Therefore, offerrings include: coaching packages, customizable coaching plans and retreats and workshops (online via Zoom platform and in person). You can schedule a 20 minute no fee consultation to share your goals and determine the best way to move forward.

A brief sentence about Melissa’s experience but you can learn more on the “About” page. 

 Melissa has earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Communication Science Disorders, has 20+ years working with clients in the wellness and performance industry with additional training in the areas of Brain Health, Food as Medicine, Memory, Mindfulness, Anxiety and Stress Management.  


Melissa Wolak, MS

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