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Healthy Fats

Incorporate healthy fats into your diet and at every meal and snack. Getting the “right” kind of good fat may be a challenge and I recommend that you talk to your physician about your diet and an Omega 3 supplement containing EPA/DHA equaling 1000mg (or more if you are having any cognitive challenges). These fatty acids are essential for good health. Some of the benefits: *Elevates mood *Stabilizes blood sugar and decreases cravings *Sustains energy *Supports brain health *Decreases the effects of stress and inflammation *Promotes hair, nail and skin health and appearance Good options: *Avocados & Avocado oil *Walnuts and Almonds *Organic Eggs *Flax seeds (add ground flax to pancakes & baked goods) *Coconut & coconut oil *Extra virgin olive oil *Grass fed butter *Wild-caught salmon or sardines There are many books on this subject, but one of my favorites is Eat Fat, Get Thin written by Mark Hyman, MD. I was able to hear him speak at a Food As Medicine conference. As a transformational life coach and therapist, I appreciated his knowledge and passion for nutrition and love sharing it along to others.

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