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Introducing The NOURISH

- Group Coaching Experience -


Welcome to The Nourish Group Coaching Experience, an exclusive space for women seeking genuine connections and personal growth.

Here, you’ll find a safe, judgment-free environment where your voice is heard, your energy respected, and your goals prioritized. We’ll help you create spaciousness in your life by teaching you time and energy management strategies with firm boundaries and zero guilt.

Let go of “shoulds, ” embrace clarity, and focus on your needs and wants. We’ll support you in adapting self-care practices to your “new normal” and equip you with tools to find calm during life’s challenges through mindfulness.

Join us and nourish your journey of self-discovery. Fall Enrollment is now open.

Connect With A Small Group Of Like-Minded Women Where You Can Be Heard, Witnessed And Seen In A Safe, Non-Judgmental Environment And Community With Confidentiality.

Create A Sense Of Spaciousness While Learning Strategies To Respect Your Time And Energy With Firm Boundaries And No Apologies, Less Inner Criticism And Guilt.

Discover Deeper Clarity And Focus On Your Needs, Wants And Goals Without Feeling The Pressure Of “Shoulds” And “Supposed Tos”.

Update Your Self-Care And Nourishment Practices To Fit Your “New Normal” And Be Supported (In Handling Any Push-Back Or Resistance That May Arise) With Accountability.

Receive Tools To Find Your Calm Center In Times Of Challenge And Stress With Incorporating Mindfulness And Mind-Body Connection Techniques.

Join This Community To Reestablish A Foundation Of Physical And Mental Wellbeing With Intentional Self-Compassion.

The $695 investment for the intimate, small-group coaching package includes:

  • Nine sessions for 90 minutes completed over 3 months in a safe, compassionate group.
  • A 30-minute intention setting session with Melissa to make the most of this experience.
  • Integrative tools based on Melissa’s book and the NOURISH method to embody more calm and confidence as we encounter change and become more attuned to our needs and wants..
  • A private community communication option to connect and share with the group in between virtual meetings together and emails (since some people have opted out of social media). 
  • BONUS – An individual, one-on-one session with Melissa after the 3 months to fully incorporate the tools and insights from this journey.

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Words of Praise from Past Group Experiences

“Working with Melissa and the group has helped me to create space and openness around the emotions I feel and to set intentions that are aligned with my true self. I have  realized that we are all works in progress – that I’m not alone in my struggles and pitfalls. It has also been helpful to hear how others see me.

Melissa holds space for each of us to share with one another and grow in the ways we need. She makes me feel at ease and tuned back into my voice and inner guide. I am so grateful to know and work with her.”  Natalia

“Working with Melissa and the group has helped me to say no and get toxic people out of my life. I am becoming more confident.” ~ Kristin

“In the presence of Melissa and the group, I felt honored and heard.” ~Barbara

“The group was touching and powerful. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve focused on me.  I have been invigorated. I am shifting my focus at work and moving forward with laser-focused clarity.” Stephanie

“It made me feel empowered. Empowered to be more conscious, vocal, and present with the people that matter to me!  It has already helped me feel comfortable saying no and MEANING it. I don’t say no to something and pedal backward. This feels SO GOOD!” Tessa P. 

This group has helped me with my self-worth and setting boundaries. I have been able to find my voice even if I am afraid of the outcome. I believe in myself and have rediscovered passions.” ~ Chrissy

Meet Melissa

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, consulting, and education, Melissa Wolak is a renowned professional dedicated to empowering individuals on their path to wellness.

As a trained and licensed Speech-Language Cognitive Therapist, Melissa specializes in cognition, communication, neurotrauma, and holistic wellness. Her recent certification as a Trauma Professional in 2023 underscores her commitment to healing and support.

Melissa’s journey toward holistic health includes Mind-Body Medicine Training, Advanced Mindfulness Practitioner Training, and Food as Medicine Training, all reinforcing her passion for well-being.

Her academic background includes a Masters of Science in Communication Disorders (1997) and a Bachelor of Education in Communication Science Disorders (1995).

As a consultant, coach, speaker, and upcoming author of “NOURISH” (2024), Melissa Wolak’s expertise and compassion continue to inspire and transform lives in healthcare, consulting, and education.

Learn what unconscious patterns and habits may be holding you back from moving forward.