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group coaching & Workshops

"I have shifted and feel empowered. The workshop was touching and powerful. This is the first time in a long time that I've focused on me and it felt similar to a mini vacation or a spa day. I have been invigorated. I am shifting my focus at work and moving forward with laser-focused clarity. I am working out and it brings me joy."
high impact mindset coaching and group training

Melissa uses a unique mindset coaching philosophy that focuses on mindfulness and transformation by strengthening your mind-body connection, supporting your holistic health and making sustainable changes. The intention is to increase clarity, discernment and confidence when moving through the world, making aligned, intentional decisions and assertively communicating. The NOURISH Group Coaching Program will open for enrollment in August to prepare for the sessions to start in October 2023. Connect with Melissa or join the community newsletter list to be the first to know about workshops and group coaching availability.

This unique philosophy includes six pillars:​


Increasing awareness with education creates power. Knowing how you learn and process information will support making change. Identifying your strengths and challenges with learning and creating new habits are keys to receiving the most out of your life coaching experience.  


Establishing trust in yourself, your cognition, your relationships and also your intuition or “gut” instincts is impactful when making change and up-leveling. Change is uncomfortable and a life coach can provide the support and accountability necessary to be successful with your goals.


Creating a strong connection with self increases our knowledge of what we need in any given moment to feel present, calm, grounded and safe. This connection leads to more authentic and deeper connections with the world, our environment, nature and in personal relationships.


Learning how the mind and the brain works to make sustainable change by: rewiring the brain, maximizing neuro-plasticity, changing habits and shifting toxic thought patterns. This is an essential aspect of working with Melissa. Her life coaching incorporates action items that scientifically are proven and work but also achievable, and practical for you to implement.


Valuing your time, energy, knowledge and skills is at the core of being responsible for your wellbeing and success as you move through the world. Without self-respect, we invite more doubt, fear and the need for external affirmation which can lead to feeling more sensitive as you move through the world. Respect starts with each individual first and then is fostered with others and our environment.


Providing nourishment means that we listen, respect and give our body, brain and soul what it needs to flourish and thrive. When feeling noursished and energized, a foundation of confidence and energy allows us to be open to change and taking scary leaps forward that will lead to upleveling goals, moving out of our comfort zone and cultivating fulfillment.

The workshop has already helped me feel comfortable saying no and MEANING it. I don’t say no to something and then feel pressured to pedal backward. This feels SO GOOD! I’m also surprised by how receptive and ok people are with me saying no.

Tessa P.

Individualized coaching packages provide a customized action plan with support and accountability in order for clients to fully engage in creating a life with meaning and no regrets.

Small group coaching packages are offered to create a sense of community and connection with a support system of peers while focusing on identified intentions and expectations.

Virtual and in-person workshops and retreats invite participants to fully engage and address specific goal areas such as goal setting, setting boundaries, and cultivating resilience & managing stress.

Learn what unconscious patterns and habits may be holding you back from moving forward.