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Keep Your Brain Fit, Focused and Fabulous!

The “Brain Budget” is valuable tool that provides a strong foundation for keeping the brain sharp and healthy. This may be familiar to you but I want to introduce it for future reference.  What is the “Brain Budget”? The “Brain Budget” is a prioritization system used to maximize energy and create space in the day […]

Are Your Routines Shrinking Your Brain?

Routines. They feel safe and comfortable like your favorite pair of cozy slippers or sweatpants. Basic morning and bedtime routines have a place in our lives and can support healthy habits, productivity and efficiency. . . BUT, you can get too comfortable with your routines and stop being fully present. Let’s be honest, your routines […]

When a “turn off” is a good thing…

Around Valentine’s Day, we express our love and caring for others in different ways. There is a type of expression that you may not think about or even know about:  gene expression. This exciting area of study is called epigenetics. Epigenetics looks at our DNA, the genetic blueprint that we have inherited from our family. Our genes […]

How to Maximize MTBI Recovery and Brain Health

Originally published on Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, January 10, 2017 by: Melissa Hundley Wolak, MS, CCC-SLP  As the brain and nervous system heal from a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), concussion or trauma, compensatory strategies and lifestyle modifications are indispensable in supporting the recovery process. An increased amount of physical, cognitive and emotional energy will […]

The Power of Meaningful Connections

Recently, I was speaking to a group about one of my favorite topics, ways to live more mindfully and handle stress in a healthier way. Ultimately, being more present allows us to experience more joy AND decreases cognitive decline, disease, and depression. Powerful results! I presented several positive lifestyle changes at this talk, but one […]

The Power of the Pause

Mini-shifts are impactful wellness and brain changers that increase feelings of empowerment, presence and productivity in your day. Over the past 20 years, I have watched people transform their lives when health scares and tragedies occur – but there’s no need to wait for these tipping points to force you to change. My transformational life […]

How to Bounce Back After a Bad Night’s Sleep

We’ve all felt sluggish, tired, or experienced the lack-of-sleep “hangover” and forced ourselves out of bed. I have had many therapy and life coaching clients ask me how they can feel better and be more focused after a bad night’s sleep. Unfortunately, “bad” sleep nights happen, sometimes by choice (binge watching TV shows, partying too […]

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