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Five Ways To Be Kind to Yourself

Cultivating a mindset of self-kindness and less judgement is an important topic any time, but especially this time of year when school is about to end for the summer, sleep schedules change, you may travel more, experience allergies or your body adjusts to being more phsyically active and you spend more time outdoors. You and […]

How Is Boundary Setting Addressed in Coaching Sessions?

How many times have you been asked to do something and said, “Yes” when you truly meant, “No?” The answer simply popped out of your mouth before you fully processed the level of commitment, your schedule, or even what you wanted to do. You replay the situation later and see how it could have been […]

Is It Time For You To Change The Channel?

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch, petting your cat or watching television after a long day. Work is over, the dishes have been washed or perhaps you have gotten the children in bed and you are ready to relax. You grab the TV remote and quickly moving through the different channels, trying to decide if you’re in […]

Freedom, Word Choice and Mindset

How do you feel when you “get to” perform a task in comparison to when you “have to” perform a task? The reactions felt by the body when we say each of these phrases are meaningful. These reactions can also be felt in the heart, the spirit and the brain. We all want to feel free and have the […]

Be Aware of the “Shoulds”

Should is a frequently used word and not typically in a kind way. The way you communicate with yourself and others can be supportive or devaluing without fully realizing the impact of our word choices. Should = self-limiting and negative mindset In most circumstances, “should” leads to judgment, criticism, worry and even anxiety. I have […]

The Power of Intention

More and more I realize the power of our intentions. Allowing the space and time to ask for what we need and what we want will help us determine those intentions and then we can set ourselves up for specific action with realistic time frames and deadlines. The definition of intention is “A thing intended; […]

Pacing, Prioritizing and Planting Seeds

Some people are sprinters and they dashed off the starting line on January 1st this year and others, like myself, may need a little more warm-up time to find the pace that feels best. It doesn’t mean we don’t have big plans, goals or creative ideas. Some of us have been “planting seeds” and laying […]

Enjoy More and Stress Less with One Powerful Strategy

How do you want to feel during this holiday season? Or any day for that matter? Calm, empowered, productive, happy, loved, appreciated, or healthy? You truly have the power to choose! Over the past two decades, I have professionally and personally witnessed the benefits of intention as healing patients recovered and life coaching clients rewired […]

The Power of Meaningful Connections

Recently, I was speaking to a group about one of my favorite topics, ways to live more mindfully and handle stress in a healthier way. Ultimately, being more present allows us to experience more joy AND decreases cognitive decline, disease, and depression. Powerful results! I presented several positive lifestyle changes at this talk, but one […]

Are You Feeling Mind Full or Mindful?

When people are asked, “How are you?”, the most common responses these days seem to be “busy,” “overloaded,” “tired,” or “crazy.” This chronic stress of being “on the go” much of the day will take its toll on all of us as a society, but also individually, affecting our health (with increased risk of disease) […]

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