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A Free Guide to a Replenishing Night's Sleep

This feels like the perfect time to talk about replenishment. We have had quite a year and the time change this past Sunday has definitely affected our household. We are moving a bit slower this week. 

One of the ways we can support our body in re-energizing and feeling resilient is sleep. I am passionate about a good night’s sleep. We all know sleep is essential to our health but it can fall to the wayside especially when we are busy or feeling stressed.

You may have noticed that after one poor night of sleep, you:

  • Feel sluggish and think slower. 
  • Have trouble remembering the words you want OR lose your train of thought.
  • Misplace items like your glasses or keys.
  • Need caffeine to get through the day and feel like you are moving through sludge or molasses.
  • Crave sweets and high carbohydrate foods to give you quick energy that is not as healthy – my downfall chocolate.

The CDC estimates that 1 of every 3 Americans is sleep-deprived and estimates 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. I share this because if you are having issues, I want you to know you are not alone! With having a personal challenge with sleep for years (now my mom has piped up that I was never a good sleeper even as a child), I take it to heart when I hear clients, friends and even strangers complain about poor sleep.

I now sleep better than I can remember. This is a result of changing how I eat, one specific supplement, a few tweaks to my bedroom environment, and what I do before bed. We are each so different. It takes a little effort and time to determine what sleep tools are best for you. I can assure, it is worth it.

I am sharing a sleep guide filled with my most recommended strategies, my personal favorite sleep hygiene tools, and research-based options. I hope you find them helpful and nourishing!

As always, please reach out if you would like to connect or have any questions.


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