In the midst of your busy life,
are you ready to prioritize
your health, time and wellbeing?

In the midst of your busy life,
are you ready to prioritize
your energy, time and wellbeing?

Do you ever feel:

  • Overwhelmed, depleted or fatigued as you seek alignment with life and work?
  • Rushed and stressed as you run from one thing to the next, put out fires and juggle “all the things?”
  • Afraid that if you stop or let go of one thing or responsibility, it will cause an unraveling of the life you have created?
  • Challenged to identify your needs or consistently incorporate those priorities into your day?
  • Frustrated with spinning thoughts and “shoulds” when you lay down to go to sleep?
  • Recognize that your body is feeling “off” and that self-care is needed but can not find the time or the energy to take action?
  • Worried about digestive issues, weight gain, brain fog, burn-out, anxiety, insomnia or feel that your body is falling apart?

You may also be trying to recover from a health crisis, going through a life transition or are navigating a relationship change. You are not alone and may be ready for collaborative, healing therapeutic coaching. You are not meant to navigate this intense world or these experiences on our own – you deserve compassion and expert support. I understand and am here to help. 

Ready to take the next step?

Ways to Work with melissa:

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Words From Clients...

“Melissa’s  compassion and ability to intuitively know and support others is a wonderful gift. She has helped me find my way back to myself. She is the most valuable advisor, therapist, guide and healer.”

Shandele Gumucio, Owner of Studiovert and Past Client


“The workshop was very warm and fulfilling. I really felt a lovely connection with Melissa and all the participants, especially after listening to their stories, feelings and desires. The strategies for setting boundaries were priceless!”  

Kieuly Dang, Artist and Workshop      Attendee 

“Melissa outlines the fundamentals of mindset change and how to practically implement them in an inspiring way. She connected with each person and their individual obstacles with her signature respect and good humor. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker and change agent, look no further!”

John Mekrut, Owner of The Balanced Brain